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What is Cordyceps?


Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom type of herb. As stated previously, in the wild, it only grows in high altitudes of 3000 metres above sea level. Since ancient times, Cordyceps was seen as a “Precious and Miraculous” herb.


There was a saying that a bunch of Cordyceps is worth a cart of gold, that gives you some idea how highly valued this herb is in ancient China.


There are many constituents in Cordyceps, most notably Mannitol, Sterols, Ribonucleosides, organic acid, polysaccharides, protein, polyamine, amino acids, superoxide dismutase, dipeptides, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and etc. Giving rise to a wide array of health benefits.

 Benefits of Regal Cordyceps


Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine as a Kidney Tonic, which assists in the relief of frequent urination and support male reproductive health.

Aids in the maintenance of general wellbeing.

Traditionally used for respiratory health, the relief of cough and phlegm.

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine relief of soreness/aching of the lower back and lower extremities/knees.

Regal Cordyceps

2017 New Packaging

60 Vegetable Capsules / Box

Each capsule contains

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (4:1)

Equiv to dry fruiting body 880mg

Cordyceps Sinensis fruiting body powder 130mg

Made in Australia.   Aust L. 214191

4 Reasons Why You Should Chose Regal Cordyceps


The premium quality Cordyceps contained in Regal Cordyceps is grown under “Solid state” cultivation at a germ-free environment and imitates natural condition at 8 to 10 degrees celcius, which takes 90 days to mature and ensure the complete formation of active ingredients. (Compare this to most of the artificially cultivated Cordyceps which are done under “Liquid fermentation” at 20 to 25 degrees celcius, and only requires a 4 day growth period before harvest.

This is insufficient time period for the complete formation of different active ingredients, thus are of extreme low cost).


The Cordyceps extracts contained in each Regal Cordyceps capsule is 4 times more concentrated when compared to raw Cordyceps, giving you higher amount of active ingredients and health enhancing benefits.


Wild Cordyceps is only found in the high prairies of Tibet, Sichuan, Yuanna, Qinghai and Guizhou provinces of China some 3000 to 5000 metres above sea level, thus is it extremely rare and expensive.

By ensuring the correct strain of Cordyceps is selected for cultivation, you can rest assured that Regal Cordyceps gives you the benefits of real Cordyceps at a fraction of the cost.


Regal Cordyceps has been vigorously tested to ensure there is no heavy metal or chemical contamination. Regal Cordyceps is encapsulated in pure vegetarian capsules, ensuring there is no animal contamination or synthetic materials. 


For optimal results, best combined with Regal Ganoderma.

Regal Cordyceps

Directions for use


  • Take 2 capsules twice a day as treatment dosage,

     or take 3 capsules daily for health maintenance.  

  • If symptoms persists, seek advice from your healthcare practitioner. 
  • Not to be used by children under the age of 4.
  • Do not use if the temper seal has been broken.
  • Please keep in cool dry place under 25 degrees.