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Well Energy Practice - Chinese Herbal Medicine Decocting Guide 

Best to use a stainless-steel, clay, ceramic, glass or Corningware pot or vessel for decocting.

Please do not use an iron, copper or aluminum pot.

One pack of Chinese herbs should be decocted twice daily.

Drink only 1 cup each time for adults.            1 cup = 150cc~200cc.

Drink only a half cup each time for children (under 12 and over 5 years old).

1st decocting: 

Put all herbs into the vessel, add cold tap water       cc and soak for 30 minutes.

After the soaking of the herbs, the same water is also used for decocting.

Bring the mixture to the boil. Once boiling, use a low heat to decoct for □15 min □30 min □45 min □60 min   

(Pull the herbal liquid into a bowl and put it aside)

2nd decocting: 

Add fresh cold tap water        cc into the vessel. Soaking is not necessary.

Repeat the 1st decocting procedure then pull the herbal liquid into another bowl.

Mix the two decoctions together and divide into 2 cups.

(1st cup to be drunk in the morning or at noon and the 2nd cup at night)

Drink 1 cup a time after warming it up □Before sleeping □Before meal □After meal

Note: You must take the medicine two hours before or after any other medication.

* Chinese herbs decoction is the process by which herbs are boiled and the remaining liquid is used for health purposes.